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Guidelines In Choosing The Best Company To Provide DevOps and Linux Server Management Services


There are a lot of Linux servers and this is why it is a bit difficult to find the best one. There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting a Linux. First, you need to determine how experienced your IT is with Linux or if you do not have an IT personnel, then you should hire one that really knows Linux. There are actually Linux IT professionals.


A lot of big software companies are hiring Linux IT professionals. Watch out for those professionals that do not have proper training an support and claim to be experts with Linux. If your It professional is new to Linux then you should let him or her use commercial Linux. The RHEL, SUSE, Turnkey Linux, Oracle Linux are some of the best Linux server management service. Choose a company that will provide IT Linux professionals, has all the proper tools, certification corporate support, automatic online updates and  hardware certification.


For non experts they can use Linux servers such as openSUSE, Ubuntu Server and CentOS. If you really want experts, then you need to make sure they are using Linux servers like Debian, Fedora, Arch and Gentoo. These experts are also using using DevOPS tools in order for the configuration, set up, maintenance, managements scale server service and deploy to be easy. Another thing that you need to consider when choosing a professional they must have a DevOps tool strategy. The DevOps strategy should follow certain objectives.


The professional should be able to send new software or change it. The major tool categories of DevOps are build and deploy, version control, provisioning and change management and functional and non functional testing. The version control tools can track different software versions even if they are automatically or manually released. This tool will number the versions, track environmental dependencies and configuration. They track the version of the database, brand and the type.


The tool is in charge with checking the details of the operating system and the type of the Linux server that will be needed. The build and deploy tool with automatically build and deploy software during the DevOps process. The functional and non-functional testing tool will test all of the over other tools and make sure they are properly functioning. The provisioning and change management tool will provide the platform that will be needed when the software will deploy. Know more about devops consulting services.